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    Just recieved a Visor. One of the reasons for me to buy a PDA was to be able to send&recieve email's and surf the web while away from home. For this reason I bought a Siemens S25 cellular phone with a built-in modem and an IR port. On Siemens web page, they say I have to install some IR update from 3Com. It doesn't work with the Visor! I just read the incompatibilty list where this IR update is mentioned. Please tell me there still is a way to communicate with my cellular.

    Pelle P
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    Hi! Purchase Irlink v1.5 from IsComplete then extract only the SerIrComm.lib from the IrEnh update from 3com. And it will get you going. Don't install the other 3 files in the Ir update it will crash your visor.
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    Thanks. Just did. Will try it this evening!

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