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    I am using versamail to check my AOL accounts. I have it set to ONLY check messages from the last day AND only unread messages. However everytime I delete all of the old messages, it pull every single email back up, including read messages. I have to wait for it to load 100+ emails, or just leave them all on my treo 650. This is very frusterating. Does anybody else have this problem? Were you able to fix it?

    oh... and autosync doesn't work, but I think I've given up on that.

    If someone also has a suggestion for better software to check AOL mail, I'm open. (It seems that the AOL software is causing crashes on the 650 so I am afraid to download)
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    do you have the conduit running during hotsync? I have my set for the last 7 days of messages, and I fiind if I hoysync then they all come back, but if I do it from the 650 it tells me that it is going to bring in 270 messages, but part way through it tells me it stopped because of the 7 day limit I have imposed. So I only get 30 of the 270. So I just stopped hotsyncing versamail.

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