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    I am interested in creating a serious database. By serious I mean large. In the range of 30,000 records. I need indexing in order to make it work. I have read about the palm DBs from Sybase, Oracle and IBM. They all offer SQL interfaces but do they all have indexing? I know IBM does not...yet.

    This project needs to integrate with a PC now. Perhaps server integration later. I could go as low as (gasp) Access on the PC side.

    Does anyone have experience with Satellite Forms? I see that it works in conjunction with these large databases (or will soon with IBM). Is it worth the large bucks they are asking? Does anyone know when they are bringing out their next version?


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    I believe that Sybase Ultralite supports indexing. At least that's what it says here:

    It's built in synchronization is targeted at Sybase SQL, SQL Server, and Oracle enterprise DBMS's. I've read nothing about it that talks about MS Access syncs, but I'd drop Sybase a email and ask. Their marketing department is very responsive regarding this product!

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