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    Hello everyone, this is my first post here at TC.

    I've been looking around at some cases for my future T650 (gsm, of course), and yesterday I happened upon the Sena leather case. It seems perfect for my needs, however, I'm a bit concerned about whether or not there is an opening/cutout in the case for the speaker. The specs on the website say that there is a speaker opening, but in the one picture that shows the back of the case, I don't see any hole/cutout/slits. To me this would be a serious omission to an otherwise perfect case.

    Can anyone who has the Sena case for the T600 confirm if there is a cutout for the speaker?

    The case in question can be found here:

    Also, does anyone have any comments in general about their Sena case in terms of the quality of the leather, placement of cutouts, etc?

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    The Treo 600 case definitely has that opening, and the photos of the T650 case with the flip cover shows an opening. So Sena obviously knows one is necessary. I'd guess the photos on their website are of a mock-up or prototype and don't reflect every detail. Why not email them?
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    I'd e-mail them directly. I did so and the responded in a day or so. Turned out their description was incorrect and about a week later they updated the website.

    Edit: The flip unit shows a hole, I'm sure the skin has it as well.
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    Anyone who has this case for their 600,

    Can you feel vibrate? Is the speaker loud enough through the cutout? Do the unprotected corners get banged up or does the surrounding leather still help?

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    I emailed Sena, and they say that the pictures shown on the website are indeed "prototypes", and the real case will definitely have a cutout for the speaker. Good news I say!

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