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    I had the Treo reset bug when I upgraded from the Treo 600 to the 650. So, I had to go in and delete one application at a time until it stopped doing that.

    One thing that I did though, was delete some default apps, such as "memory", and who knows what else.

    How do I get these programs back?
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    You couldn't have deleted the default apps...they're in the ROM and you were only deleting from the RAM. You could have deleted some of their datafiles, though.

    I'd recommend going through all your installed programs and see if you can identify any specific functionality you realize is missing now.
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    I know "memory" is missing. Help?
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    There is no built-in application on the Treo 650 called "Memory". If you saw it on there, it was something you had on your 600 and transferred over the first time you did a hotsync.

    It is not possible to delete the applications that came pre-loaded on your Treo using the Delete function in the Launcher. The programs are in the ROM. You simply cannot delete them in the way you described. It is literally impossible.
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    You can delete some things from ram that get copied from rom to ram only once at at hard reset. You can also add things with the same filenams as things that are built-in and the added things may not work but if you delete them the built-in version comes back.

    Do a hard reset, you will have back everything the phone shipped with.

    Then follow the directions a little better wrt to uninstalling or at least hiding your 600's palm desktop and hotsync before installing the new one and before doing your first hotsync so that the old desktop doesn't try to restore stuff from your 600 on to your 650.
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    You didn't say what "Memory" did or what you used it for. There is a built-in app that tells you how much memory is left on your Treo (Info, available from the Launcher menu). If we knew what it did, we may be able to help you find a suitable replacement or see how or if it got replaced in the new OS.
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