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    A little while back I ran across a program that will turn a data call after a few minutes of inactivity. I really like the idea but I cannot find the thread where I saw the name of the program. Can someone please point me to the software as I woke up this morning and noticed that I was in an idle data call for who knows how long..

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    Treo Connection Manager will do this, and Battery Dr. has similar features (data off x minutes after power off). You can find both on PalmGear.
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    Treo Helper may be what you're looking for, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    Treo Helper may be what you're looking for, too.
    Is TreoHelper working on anyone's 650? I have it set to drop network after 3 minutes of grey or green status. But, it never drops the connection. In fact, it seems to be maintaining the connection! It's been two hours since I used Vision and the connection is still active (longer than it would ever normally stay active). I enabled TreoHelper today and have noticed my battery drain a lot faster than normal. Curious if others have gotten this to work as intended because it seems like a great utility?
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