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    Wassup ya'll? I'm here from the sidekick forums and it hasn't pleased me much and I've been looking into buying a treo but all I want to know before I make a switch is what are the pros and cons the treo 650 has over the sk2??is the browser much faster(elaborate)?does it has javascript?is it possible to put mp3's for your ringtones?is the qwerty keys easy to use??is the phone quality good??and what's this treo 650 gsm I've been hearing about??that is all..please get into details it would be appreciated..hope to hear from treocentrals best..take care.
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    everything you did on a sk2 is done faster and better on the Treo.
    java - yes in fact there is a java bases browser at
    blazer - yes faster or install other browsers but the fastest way to go is EVDO on the Verizon network.

    you will get some complaints about the t650 but those problems don't affect everyone and they wil be fixed very soon.

    bottom line is you will be happy,

    For details just do a search on any topic you want to know about and you will find the answer, there are hundereds of apps which you can play with on the Treo so it keep the phone interesting and fun.

    You may also want to go over to HowardForum and take a look at the PPC6600. But it is more PDA'ish than Phone'ish so its up to you and you can't go wrong with either.
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    what is the best provider to go with for the 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRLiTo9MM
    what is the best provider to go with for the 650?
    That's not a simple question to answer. Different providers offer better coverage in different places. It also will depend on your priorities. If you plan to use lots of data, it's hard to beat the combination of price ($15 a month for unlimited vision) and speed of Sprint. But if Sprint doesn't offer good coverage where you will be using your phone most of the time, it won't be a good choice.

    Verizon doesn't offer the 650 at all, at least not yet. So that's not a good choice. In fact, at the moment, only Sprint has the 650, but Cingular should have it soon. TMo seems comitted to the SK, so I don't know if they'll carry the 650 at all. Compare service and price where you live, and make a decision that fits your requirements.

    FWIW, I love my 650.
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    I disagree with the "everything is better on a treo"
    They really are different products for different markets. I have worked with SK1 and SK2 alot and have had Treos and pre Treos for the past 4+ years.

    Sidekick II is a very cool product that I feel is a cool tool. It is better than the Treo as far as email. It comes with REAL real-time email. Sidekick comes with integrated AIM application that is free from yearly costs. The keyboard I love although the form factor as a phone is lacking for me, feels like bar of soap. Communication is very quick using Sidekick and given that data, communication is all included for the $39 a month price, it is a real deal. Also included with SKII is games that respond to action, like vibrations during explosions, that is very cool. Vibration is much better and Ring loudness is much better in a SK II. I love the screen flip on the SKII too. I think although slower, I like the browswer slightly better on the SKII.

    I love the form factors of my Treo. The treo can be expanded much more. There are many more applications that you can download into the Treos. Internet is faster with Verizon and Sprint now, and promised with Cing/ATT with EDGE, than on SKII. I depend on the Palm OS and calendar and contact book. I am awkward with the SK's. For my overall needs Treo is better, for you you need to evaluate your needs.

    Oh, I forgot the most important, this is not a put down to T-mobile users, but at my place of work we jokingly call it, "T-Maybe" because coverage in So Cal is so spotty. People I work with usually don't hve coverage indoors in my area, really causes problems. And although CIng and T-Mobile are supposed to be on the same lines in socal, the obviously are very limited because I can have 4 bars and my T-mobile friend will not have service.

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