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    3 days ago my Treo 300 stopped syncing to my Win 98SE PC. The Treo says that, "an application on the PC failed to respond to a confirmation query. This application my need to be restarted"

    I've done all that I can think of; PC shut down, soft reset on treo, and then I tried to reinstall the palm desk software. This where is gets ugly. I get an unexpected termination and the code 0x80070727 (I think that's it I'm not at home).

    Basicly it ends the install and/or the uninstall program.

    I tried the palm website. Big help that was

    Anybody got any ideas?

    I'll post the exact wording when I get home tonight.
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    When I try to instaal or remove Palm desktop I get an "unhandled Exception" this is what it says: ERROR NUMBER 0x80070727 (Sometimes 0x80070725) DESCRIPTION Incompatible version of the RPC stub

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