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    Welp...the first one had corrupt rom issue. I would perform a hard reset and it would come back up properly without a soft reset. So I flashed Shadowmite's sprint rom with voice fix and still the same issue. Luckily I am still within my 14 days. So I exchanged the 1st one and got #2. #2 had a discolored screen on the right hand side of the screen. I showed the sales person at sprint store and compared it to the demo they had in the store and the finally acknowledged that there was an issue. So today I got #3. So far so good. Screen is good. Out of all three I've had they all have a p key that doesn't click like the rest. No biggy really as long as it works. Ah and this time I peeked at the screen and got my MSL proxy for me. I still have to say this is the coolest phone I have ever used. Besides my being picky it's still a great phone. I have been with TMobile for a couple years now and was using the sidekick and sidekick2. I tried the Treo 600 but the low res screen was just irritating. When I heard of the T650 I was immediately interested. Anyway if anyone wants to purchase a Unlocked Sidekick 2 let me know.
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    with testimonies like this how can anyone claim to know of some "Treo Killer" phones out there? I would have deserted all Palm based devices. LMAO
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    Both of mine have softer "P" keys, too!
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    Interesting I had not noticed the "soft" P key before you mentioned it. It isn't too noticable, but it is a little different feeling from the other keys.
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    Yeah Ive finally gotten my setup back to where I was. Pocket Tunes, LightWav, Nesem, Docs to go, Adobe Reader. Thats about it for now. Anyone know of a video player? The only one I have seen so far is Kinoma...but i'm still looking.
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    MMPlayer is also popular here.
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    Same here on the lethargic "P" key.
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    Wow; sorry dude; I bought my treo the day after thanksgiving and the only problems i have are with the audio (when recording video) and two way convo's on the speakerphone as well as the speakerphone itself; It's really messing up my whole user experience with the phone; I'm coming from nextel where i'm used to talking on the two way or the speakerphone (on the I730) and my speakerphone convos are terrible; I have to wait for the other party to finish talking; for work (real estate broker) that's not good; sometimes i need to be able to interrupt when negotioating. If this isn't fixed (i'm waiting for an officially released patched) I may ebay the phone. It is very annoying. The delay after dialing a number which re-occurs after a while even after provisioning phone is also very annoying.
    The good:
    Kinoma rocks (producer and player ex) got scarface on the phone (the whole movie) and it looks and sounds great. Love the calendar; versamail works great for me. Business connect standard is free; i haven't tried it yet as there is no need. I'm not a fan of Realplayer but the treo 650 version isn't bad as an mp3 player. Docs to go isn't bad; ms word and excel work great when crunching numbers and revising agreements/contracts before they're mailed out.

    The speakerphone issue and lagtime in dialing; yes they are enough for me to ebay the phone. Decisions, Desicions...........
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    I wouldn't count on the speakerphone being fixed. It's a function of having only a half-duplex speakerphone, not full duplex, like i belive most nextel phones have. That's the way the hardware was designed and althougha firmware might be able to fix it, don't count on them doing so.

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