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    Can anyone recommend a good SSH client for a Treo 650? I've looked around and have found a few out there but it's hard to tell which are good and which are crap. For example, one seems to have an onscreen keyboard which is unnecessary for a treo.

    Also, am I able to configure the SSH client to create an SSH tunnel to a server for use with Blazer? For example, I open a connection to a server with the SSH client, then use Blazer to access localhost:56789 which is the tunnel port to a preconfigured port on the server...

    Second, can anyone recommend a simple terminal application for the Treo 650? I sometimes need to log into a terminal server to reboot machines, etc. Just a simple text terminal would be fine.

    Third, can you recommend a software download site. One that organizes the software into types and also has user comments? Something like VersionTracker would be great.
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    Ok, I just tried out pssh and like it so far.

    What about a terminal app though?
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    Quote Originally Posted by comrade
    Ok, I just tried out pssh and like it so far.

    What about a terminal app though?
    Doesn't pssh function like a terminal app? Or are you looking for something GUI?
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    I actually need to be able to dial into a modem and pssh doesn't seem to let me do that.

    I'm looking for something like zterm that runs on a treo 650 and lets you dial into modems.

    Is there a way to use pssh for terminal emulation?
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    You can't actually do that on a Treo (or any Internet-enabled phone that I know of). It doesn't have a modem that functions like that.
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