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    If you find yourself needing to perform a soft reset to re-enable syncing, consider the implications. One or more apps on your Visor are the source of the problem; and you really do need to identify the culprit. In many instances the problem is a Hack, and the work-around is to disable the Hack before syncing. However, disabling the guilty Hack is only a partial solution because of a bug in Hackmaster (this really is a bug, not a Visor incompatibility):

    Q: Why did I get a "Chunk" over-locked" error?

    A: You're experiencing a bug in HackMaster v0.9 (the latest version), which is not related to TrekSounds. The crash will occur while running at least one hack, after launching HackMaster 15 times. Since memory chunks can only be locked 15 times, on the sixteenth launch of HackMaster a chunk will be "over-locked", causing a fatal error. The only way to avoid this is to ocassionaly perform a soft reset, which will reset the chunk's lock counter. An easy way to soft reset is to use the "Reset" button in HackMaster. There should be no data loss after reseting the device with a paper clip. (SOURCE - )
    Does anyone know of a tool that could reset the counter with requiring a soft reset?

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    Heck of a time to lose my memory (if I ever had one) but another Hack I was looking at actually warned of this exact problem in it's documentation. For the life of me, though, I cannot remember which one it was. It will probably come to me in the middle of the night at which point I'll have to get up and log on to VC in order to post it.

    I wonder if Daggerware is aware of this and working on a solution?

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    Geez, I suppose I better not get rid of *all* my buggy apps that periodically cause soft-resets. Maybe the "crashes" in other apps are "features" to work-around the above problems....

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