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    Ok I have spent hours trying to get this to work.

    I have a LAN here at home I have a 8 port router installed. I have followed these directions to no end.

    With no luck I still can not get my Treo 650 out to the net via BT. I assure you I followed the directions in the above link down to the letter.

    What am I missing here ?

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    At which step is it not working? When you tap "Connect" in the network preferences, does it go through the steps of connecting? When it's connected, the button will change to "Disconnect" that happening?

    If it does seem to be connecting, first try accessing the internet with something other than the web browser. For example, see if you can get your email (using Versamail or whichever email client you use).

    If that works, which it probably will, you 'll know you're connected. You will still not be able to browse on the Blazer web browser though. Why? Because Sprint runs everything through their proxy server and it doesn't support reverse DUN, which is what you're trying to do.

    To get around this, you have two can use a third-party web browser or you can remove the Sprint proxy.

    Removing the proxy is the more desirable way, since that way you don't have to use up RAM space with a 3rd party web browser. To remove the proxy, you need your MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code. The MSL is not easy to come by. You either have to convince a Sprint customer service rep to give it to you OR you can use a serial cable and BitPim to read it directly off your phone.

    Once you get your MSL and remove the proxy reference, you will be able to use your browser for reverse DUN. It will also work normally over Vision EXCEPT that you won't be able to access your Sprint account pages. You also won't be able to re-Provision your phone should that become necessary. So if you choose to remove the proxy reference, be sure to write the info down so that you can re-enter it later if you need to do either of those things.

    Once you have the MSL, the procedure to remove the proxy is easy...
    1. At the dialpad, dial ##3282#
    2. Tap in the upper left where it says "Data"
    3. Choose "Browser"
    4. Write down the settings so you can put them back later if you need to
    5. Tap "Modify"
    6. Enter your MSL and tap OK
    7. Clear out all the fields (primary and secondary NGG and ports)
    8. Click OK
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    Its a DNS error that I get on my Treo. The Treo is paired to my desktop with no problem. I have used both a winxp box and a win2k box. Im sure the problem MUST be in my router or a ip addy, but I feel like I am beating my head against the wall at this point.
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    First step would be to connect your desktop directly to the internet (i.e., eliminate the router) to help figure out if that's where the problem is.

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