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    Hi -

    Recent travel has caused the time of all my current entries on the palm desktop calendar to be moved up by 3 hours. I am normally PST and now for instance all my 12 noon appointments show up as 9 am ...

    What do I need to do to fix this problem ? I haven't dared synch my phone so the treo 600 still has the correct times ...

    Many many thanks for any suggestions!

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    This is weird. You must've hotsync'd. Otherwise the desktop palm appointments should not change with the local time. Even if you adjusted your laptop clock for EST, the appointment times should not change. Only the phone has the capability (through a setting option) to sync with the local time through the carrier's network, not the desktop palm.

    Your handset should be back at your home time now, if you're home. I don't see a problem in hotsync. In fact, it may correct your palm desktop appointment times. Worse case, if it does not, is to go in and manually adjust them, unless you gotta million of 'em.
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    Thanks - any other suggestions?

    I tried calling the PalmOne technical support line on three occasions, the first two my call got cut off after 30 min on hold ... and finally the third time I got through after 25 min on hold but barely had I started the conversation that the call center technician put me on hold to get an answer to my question and a few min later, the call was cut off again ... What service, really, I mean seriously ... !!!

    Help !

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