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    This is being discussed in the thread, "How can I reset Versa Mail DB?", but it seems that many people affected might not know to look in that thread.

    Today at noon, when my Treo 650 tried to sign on to PCS Vision services (my Handmark Express) was auto-updating, Sprint sent an "update" of PCS Vision of some kind.

    After the update, everything on my treo, and that of KPZerone, and probably others, is all messed up. All preferences were lost. Registration info for all registered software was gone.

    Attempts at hotsyncs generated the following types of errors in the logs:

    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account 'gMail': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.

    My errors were virtually identical (just a different account name -- no gMail).

    In addition, whenever I try to launch VersaMail now, the Treo automatically resets.

    Anyone else having this or similar problems, or know what's going on?

    More importantly, anyone know the fix?
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    YIKES!!!!!..Anything from SPrint yet???

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    I haven't seen anything. Did this thing hit you, too?

    Oh, and I've noticed that I've completely lost all web/PCS Vision services, too. The phone still works.

    Somebody screwed the pooch, bigtime.
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    Have you hard reset the phone? It's known that the 650 memory has serious issues and sometimes gets corrupted when just doing multiple things.
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    Did soft and warm resets. Haven't done hard reset yet, was hoping to avoid it.

    I guess at this point, I don't have much to lose.
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    Okay, I've now done a hard reset, followed by HotSync. PCS Vision services are restored, but I still get the error message when trying to launch VersaMail.

    My preferences and registration information are still all gone.

    Here's the complete hotsync log:

    HotSync operation started for [Me] on 01/15/05 15:32:24

    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AnaDigi_like.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AudibleFonts.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AudibleSettngs.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AudibleSharedLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AvantGo.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\AvGoPimPod5.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Bell_MT_10.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Bell_MT_12.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Bell_MT_18.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Bell_MT_24.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Blazer_Bookmarks.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Blazer_Cookies.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Blazer_Field_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Blazer_Find_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Blazer_URL_Autofill.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\BtExgLibDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Butler.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\CalculusDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\CalendarLocationsDB-PDat.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\CardEngine_Library.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Casio_like.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Citizen_like.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\DGraphConverter.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\DSLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\DSlideLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\DTTFonts.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\DXTGAttachmentPlugin.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Images.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Mapping.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Map_&_Dir_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Messages.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Movie_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__News_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Sports_(Delayed).PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Sports_(To_Do).PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Sports_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Stocks.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Stocks_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__Weather_Info_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Express__White_Pages_Cache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\EX__CachedDownloads.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Gill_Sans_MT_10.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Gill_Sans_MT_12.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Gill_Sans_MT_18.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Gill_Sans_MT_24.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts_.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\GraphicsLibrary.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Handmark_Express_for_Palm_OS.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\HSTraceDatabase.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\ImageLib_imageDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\ImageLib_mainDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\libmal.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\locLCusLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\locLDefLocationDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MegaClock.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MegaClock_cities_database.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Mega_like.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MemoDom.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Messages_Database.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\midataidcache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MIDI_Ring_Tones.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache0.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache1.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache3.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache4.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache5.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache6.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MMIDCache7.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MobileLink.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MSLSA_Data.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MultiMail_Attachments.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MultiMail_Disconnected.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\MultiMail_Messages.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\NetMic.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\NetworkDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Pacific_Ocean.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PalmAudiblePlayer-STRT.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PhoneCallDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PhoneFavorites2DB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PocketTunes.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PocketTunesPL-TNpt_Def_PL.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PocketTunesPL-Untitled.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Pocket_Tunes_ShoutCast_URLs.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PowerRUN.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PowerRUN_Key_Database.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\PP_P2P.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\pTunesWav.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Queries.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealAACCodec.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealDRM.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealLib.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealMP3Codec.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealMP3FF.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealRMCodec.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\RealRMFF.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SheetToGo.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SMS_Addresses.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SMS_Domains.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SMS_Quicklist.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SMS_QuickText.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Solitaire_Pack_1_Saved_Games.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SS_P2P.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\SysPref.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\ThumbnailCache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\tropico160x160_jpg.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_10.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_12.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_18.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_24.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\WallpaperCache.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\WordToGoFonts.PDB
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\WordView_.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\WorldMap_640x320.PRC
    - Installed file: C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\backup\WP_P2P.PRC
    OK Restore
    OK Quick Install
    OK AvantGo Connect
    Error loading preferences for account 'cmkmobile': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account '': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    Error loading preferences for account 'Spoonsmobile': An error occured while attempting to retrieve data from the device.
    OK VersaMail with 8 message(s)

    OK Media
    OK Calendar
    OK Contacts
    OK Tasks
    OK Memos
    -- Backing up Blazer Bookmarks to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Blazer_Bookmarks.PDB
    -- Backing up CarrierProfiles2 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: White Pages Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__White_Pages_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Sports Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Sports_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Sports (Delayed) to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Sports_(Delayed).PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Map & Dir Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Map_&_Dir_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: News Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__News_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Stocks Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Stocks_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up MemoDom to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MemoDom.PDB
    -- Backing up AudibleSettngs to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AudibleSettngs.PDB
    -- Backing up locLDefLocationDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\locLDefLocationDB.PDB
    -- Backing up ConnectionMgr50DB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB
    -- Backing up NetworkDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\NetworkDB.PDB
    -- Backing up locLCusLocationDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\locLCusLocationDB.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache0 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache0.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache1 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache1.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache2 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache2.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache3 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache3.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache4 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache4.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache5 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache5.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache6 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache6.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache7 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MMIDCache7.PDB
    -- Backing up MultiMail Messages to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MultiMail_Messages.PDB
    -- Backing up MultiMail Disconnected to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MultiMail_Disconnected.PDB
    -- Backing up MultiMail Attachments to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MultiMail_Attachments.PDB
    -- Backing up NetMic to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\NetMic.PDB
    -- Backing up WordToGoFonts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\WordToGoFonts.PDB
    -- Backing up Utah MT Condensed 24 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_24.PDB
    -- Backing up Utah MT Condensed 18 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_18.PDB
    -- Backing up Utah MT Condensed 12 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_12.PDB
    -- Backing up Utah MT Condensed 10 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Utah_MT_Condensed_10.PDB
    -- Backing up Gill Sans MT 24 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Gill_Sans_MT_24.PDB
    -- Backing up Gill Sans MT 18 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Gill_Sans_MT_18.PDB
    -- Backing up Gill Sans MT 12 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Gill_Sans_MT_12.PDB
    -- Backing up Gill Sans MT 10 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Gill_Sans_MT_10.PDB
    -- Backing up Bell MT 24 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Bell_MT_24.PDB
    -- Backing up Bell MT 18 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Bell_MT_18.PDB
    -- Backing up Bell MT 12 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Bell_MT_12.PDB
    -- Backing up Bell MT 10 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Bell_MT_10.PDB
    -- Backing up tropico160x160.jpg to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\tropico160x160_jpg.PDB
    -- Backing up Solitaire Pack 1 Saved Games to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Solitaire_Pack_1_Saved_Games.PDB
    -- Backing up WallpaperCache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\WallpaperCache.PDB
    -- Backing up ThumbnailCache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\ThumbnailCache.PDB
    -- Backing up HSTraceDatabase to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\HSTraceDatabase.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Images to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Images.PDB
    -- Backing up PowerRUN Key Database to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PowerRUN_Key_Database.PRC
    -- Backing up midataidcache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\midataidcache.PDB
    -- Backing up Messages Database to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Messages_Database.PDB
    -- Backing up NetworkProfiles2 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    -- Backing up WorldMap_640x320 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\WorldMap_640x320.PRC
    -- Backing up PocketTunesPL-Untitled to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PocketTunesPL-Untitled.PDB
    -- Backing up PocketTunesPL-TNpt Def PL to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PocketTunesPL-TNpt_Def_PL.PDB
    -- Backing up Pocket Tunes ShoutCast URLs to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Pocket_Tunes_ShoutCast_URLs.PDB
    -- Backing up SMS Quicklist to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SMS_Quicklist.PDB
    -- Backing up SMS QuickText to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SMS_QuickText.PDB
    -- Backing up MSLSA Data to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MSLSA_Data.PDB
    -- Backing up pTunesWav to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\pTunesWav.PRC
    -- Backing up Blazer URL Autofill to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Blazer_URL_Autofill.PDB
    -- Backing up SMS Addresses to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SMS_Addresses.PDB
    -- Backing up Blazer Field Autofill to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Blazer_Field_Autofill.PDB
    -- Backing up PalmAudiblePlayer-STRT to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PalmAudiblePlayer-STRT.PRC
    -- Backing up AvantGo to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AvantGo.PRC
    -- Backing up DXTGAttachmentPlugin to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\DXTGAttachmentPlugin.PRC
    -- Backing up SheetToGo to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SheetToGo.PRC
    -- Backing up WordView+ to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\WordView_.PRC
    -- Backing up MobileLink to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MobileLink.PRC
    -- Backing up PowerRUN to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PowerRUN.PRC
    -- Backing up PP_P2P to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PP_P2P.PRC
    -- Backing up Butler to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Butler.PRC
    -- Backing up SS_P2P to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SS_P2P.PRC
    -- Backing up PocketTunes to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PocketTunes.PRC
    -- Backing up Express: Mapping to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Mapping.PRC
    -- Backing up Express: Stocks to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Stocks.PRC
    -- Backing up Handmark Express for Palm OS to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Handmark_Express_for_Palm_OS.PRC
    -- Backing up WP_P2P to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\WP_P2P.PRC
    -- Backing up MegaClock to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MegaClock.PRC
    -- Backing up Express: Movie Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Movie_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Weather Info Cache to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Weather_Info_Cache.PDB
    -- Backing up EX: CachedDownloads to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\EX__CachedDownloads.PDB
    -- Backing up PhoneCallDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PhoneCallDB.PDB
    -- Backing up AddressCitiesDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AddressCitiesDB.PDB
    -- Backing up AddressCompaniesDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AddressCompaniesDB.PDB
    -- Backing up AddressCountriesDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AddressCountriesDB.PDB
    -- Backing up MegaClock cities database to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MegaClock_cities_database.PDB
    -- Backing up Blazer Cookies to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Blazer_Cookies.PDB
    -- Backing up BtExgLibDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\BtExgLibDB.PDB
    -- Backing up SysPref to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SysPref.PRC
    -- Backing up SMS Domains to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\SMS_Domains.PDB
    -- Backing up PhoneFavorites2DB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\PhoneFavorites2DB.PDB
    -- Backing up Blazer Find Autofill to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Blazer_Find_Autofill.PDB
    -- Backing up ImageLib_imageDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\ImageLib_imageDB.PDB
    -- Backing up ImageLib_mainDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\ImageLib_mainDB.PDB
    -- Backing up CalendarLocationsDB-PDat to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\CalendarLocationsDB-PDat.PDB
    -- Backing up RealMP3FF to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealMP3FF.PRC
    -- Backing up RealMP3Codec to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealMP3Codec.PRC
    -- Backing up RealRMFF to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealRMFF.PRC
    -- Backing up RealRMCodec to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealRMCodec.PRC
    -- Backing up RealDRM to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealDRM.PRC
    -- Backing up RealAACCodec to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealAACCodec.PRC
    -- Backing up AudibleSharedLib to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AudibleSharedLib.PRC
    -- Backing up CardEngine Library to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\CardEngine_Library.PRC
    -- Backing up DGraphConverter to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\DGraphConverter.PRC
    -- Backing up DSLib to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\DSLib.PRC
    -- Backing up DSlideLib to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\DSlideLib.PRC
    -- Backing up GraphicsLibrary to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\GraphicsLibrary.PRC
    -- Backing up libmal to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\libmal.PRC
    -- Backing up RealLib to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\RealLib.PRC
    -- Backing up psysLaunchDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
    -- Backing up Graffiti ShortCuts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts_.PRC
    -- Backing up Graffiti ShortCuts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC
    -- Backing up Express: Messages to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Messages.PDB
    -- Backing up Mega like to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Mega_like.PRC
    -- Backing up Citizen like to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Citizen_like.PRC
    -- Backing up Casio like to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Casio_like.PRC
    -- Backing up AnaDigi like to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AnaDigi_like.PRC
    -- Backing up AvGoPimPod5 to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AvGoPimPod5.PRC
    -- Backing up Pacific Ocean to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Pacific_Ocean.PRC
    -- Backing up MIDI Ring Tones to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\MIDI_Ring_Tones.PDB
    -- Backing up System MIDI Sounds to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\System_MIDI_Sounds.PDB
    -- Backing up Saved Preferences to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
    -- Backing up AddressStatesDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AddressStatesDB.PDB
    -- Backing up DTTFonts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\DTTFonts.PDB
    -- Backing up AddressTitlesDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AddressTitlesDB.PDB
    -- Backing up Express: Sports (To Do) to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Express__Sports_(To_Do).PDB
    -- Backing up AudibleFonts to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\AudibleFonts.PDB
    -- Backing up Queries to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\Queries.PDB
    -- Backing up CalculusDB to C:\Program Files\palmOne\MC\Backup\CalculusDB.PDB
    OK Backup

    HotSync operation completed on 01/15/05 15:36:56
  7. #7  
    I am kinda relieved that I was not the only who has this issue.. but it's really upsetting that even the hard reset does not solve the issue!
  8.    #8  

    This is my fourth palm (PalmPilot, Vx, Clie NR70V, and now Treo 650), and never understood the need for a separate backup program before now.

    I think I get it now. Not just the registration info, but several programs that didn't automatically back up are missing.

    I love my 650, but it's one of the buggiest devices I've ever owned.
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    go into phone app dial ##377 and see why it reset itself.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    ##337 just says "Fatal Exception".

    Btw, following the instruction on this thread fixed the issue!!

    Versa mail is restored to the basic and the hotsync does not throw any error any longer!

    But nonetheless, I am not sure sure how to recover if I had any critical account with Versa Mail since it seems like once you hot sync the backedup data in your PC also gets corrupted. This is very dangerours....

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