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    Sorry about the cryptic subject.

    Basically, when you intially setup your desktop software for the Treo650, it asks if you'd like to download the latest info for your phone. I'd like to know what that is. (I'm not sure if I have it on my phone).

    Anyone know what the name of that file is?
    Anyone know what carrierprofiles or carrierprofile2 does? (I see someone in another post stated that carrierprofile2 is just a copy of carrierprofiles, which was carried over from the 600). But what does it do?

    Also, how can I get the latest software version? I understand it's 1.13 now? My phone says 1.03.
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    When the Palm OS tries to overwrite a file it adds 2 to the new copy of the file name. This does not necessarily imply that the file with the 2 is better or more updated. It simply prevents Palm OS from overwriting. Most programs, by default, will access the plain file without the 2 suffix

    you have carrierProfiles and NetworkProfiles. I've read somewhere here that deleting the ??????profiles2 has no effect on the phone operation. I think they are created with multiple installation and hotsyncing. I have not deleted mine coz all I need is to induce more bugs than those that already exist in the T650. yikes
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    knock on wood I have not had any issues with my treo, I always delet xxxxprofile2 and datebookDB along with addressDB, all these files are re-created after soft resets. If you use 3rd party cal (datebk, 2day .... etc) do not delete the DB files.
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    I only have carrierprofiles2 and networkprofiles2! I wonder what happend to the original ones...
    carrierprofiles2 is around 91K, and NetworkProfiles2 is 271K.

    I feel like reinstalling the original files (after I find them?) and deleting these!
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    they'll come back after reset, the original ones and the ones with the 2
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