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    At the risk of putting this in the wrong forum, I thought I would just come ask all the 650 owners.

    I have an HBH-660 Bluetooth headset, and as much as I like it, because the volume is simply to low, it's nearly unusable.

    I've read some people putting ear gells on their ear pieces, but I would just rather have a unit that doesn't require any modification.

    Does using one of those ear gells work better than keeping the ear holder?

    Anyways, just wanted some input.

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    I think so.
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    Ear gell can help block out ambient noise when listening to incoming calls and ,in effect, make the volume appear louder. But I don't consider it a cure-all solution for the generally low volume of bluetooth receiving. I feel there must be a software update to help this issue that has been raised frequently enough.
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    The other option is to purchase the Cardo Scala 500 available right on this site. It apparently has a volume amplification process which many people have reported totally fixed the problem. This is the route I am going, as my Motorola HS810 is nearly unusable as well. I have been skeptical about the "ear gel" method since it was first reported, mainly for two reasons.
    1. I work at Radioshack (where the ear gels are sold) and have used many headsets with them in the past. Over an extended period of time they are EXTREMELY uncomfortable to me, and I always had trouble hearing with the WIRED headsets that used them.
    2. I do not hear well, and my truck (where I will be using a headset the most) does not have a quiet cabin on top of that. I simply do not believe that an ear gel could fix the incredibly low volume I've experienced with my 650. I think that the people who have reported this as a great fix, are either not nearly as hard of hearing as I am (and I don't consider myself to be deaf, by any strech of the imagination) or are using the headset in a very different environment, i.e. the interior of a Lexus, Cadillac, Buick, or just about any other car that has much lower "road noise" coming through than my 2002 GMC pick up truck.
    Therefore, based on what I've read in the Bluetooth forum, the Scala will actually amplify the volume, and is the solution for me, but you'll need to come to your own conclusions.
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    There are a couple of things going on here. First there is a defect that most have in their 650's where listening volume is dramatically reduced while using BT headsets. There is a workaround for this problem and I have built an application that automates this fix. It is called BTmute and it automates the mute workaround. Give it a try and see if you can again hear on you HBH660. That is the headset that I use and this workaround has made that headset usable again. It is one of the only headsets that has good reaction times and functions well with the 650.

    BTmute Download

    The second thing to try is add a set of "slicsound" eargels. These things are great. The do *not* require modification of the HBH660. No glue no cuttting. You can then remove the ear clip because the gels hold nicely in your ear (at least they do mine).

    Hope all of this helps.....

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    I have not tried the Scala, but I'm not having a low volume problem with my Moto HS810. In fact, I was communicating with the airline interactive voice system while driving 70mph (65 mph if a police car is nearby) today on the freeway. The reservation went without a hitch.

    I previously complained about that popping sound in the earpiece, but it seems to be interference from nearby appliances. In the car, it sounds better. In the store people think I'm in charge of security, or something. They keep asking me questions. LOL

    But I'll check out this btmute patch when I get a chance.
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    I also have a SE HBH-660. The volume was really low so I got the jabra ear gels from the Shack and it works very well now. The only issue is that it can get a little difficult getting the ear clip over you ear with the gel, even with the smallest one (jabra ear gels comes in a pack for 6, 3 for each ear in diff sizes). What I do is use the Biggest eargel with the headset on its own without the ear clip. It fits in there well, but when I step out, I use the strap with it for extra safety.
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    Both the Jabra and slic sounds fail to hold in the 660 for me. I guess I have strange ears, but others on this post have some trouble, too. Both do take care of the volume issues, however, so if they stay in for you, that's great.
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    Hmm... did you get the JABRA EarGels (the clear ones?) Those should fit in everyones ear beacause of the design.

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