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    I dont understand why they made it so we can go down to one bar but not all the way down and turn the sound off. I would like to be able to use the side button to turn the sound off at night so my alarm will still go off in the morning. Does your phone limit you to one bar also? Any programs to fix this?
    thanks guys, appreciate some advice
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    Try a program like Profiles or some other "profiler" program that lets you select different ringer volumes and sound volumes (at the same time) for different situations. You can change the "profiles" with just a couple of button presses....very convenient. Do a search on if you can't find any here.
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    The alarm doesnt go off when the silent switch is activated at the top of the phone/
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    When the silent switch is activated at the top, the phone is on silent. no sounds...just vibrate...You can select it NOT to vibrate when you select the switch (look in the prefs of you phone), but you can't have the ringer silent AND the alarm sounds ring in the morning unless you manually go and configure the sounds...and that's a pain. That's why the profiles program is convenient.
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    Profiles: Does this program work with the 650? I installed it, click it in prefrences and the screen blinked and did nto open anything, just stayed in prefrences.
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    actually, my bad. I am NOT sure if any of the profiles programs have been updated for the 650. I went to, clicked on downloads, and did a search on "profiles." This turned up a couple of different ones.
    Also, make sure you read the readme so you know how to use it. Sorry if your Treo crashed b/c of my suggestion!
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    no profiling or call filtering apps support 650 yet...
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    Why would they limit the side button to one bar, when u have the ringer sound set to zero in pref and then click the side button it shows no bars and u can increase it to one bar. Why not the opposite!
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    I am in the late stages of devloping a very unique profile application that will take care of this problem. It is called ScheduleCare. It will allow you to control ALL sounds (system, phone, email, calendar, IM, SMS, MMS, Games), Vibration state, Radio state, BlueTooth state, display brightness and HotSync's. Right now you can schedule these commands via calendar entries. So at the beginning of an appointment, one or all of the above commands will be executed. A the end of the appointment, the previous state will be restored. So with repeating appointment types, you can build some pretty nice profiles. Profiles are driven by either the category of the appointment or specific *flags* placed in the description or notes section of an appointment.

    I am in the development stage of extending the application from purely calendar event driven to also supplying a GUI in the traditional profiler sense.

    Here is a link to the program. I will probably be officially releasing it this coming week. The Beta period has been very successful.


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