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    does anyone have any suggestions on firmware upgrades or the like to increase the volume out of the earpiece on the treo 650? In my car, airport, etc. I have a really hard time hearing with my new phone despite the volume being turned up to the max. I went to my sprint store and listened to the volume of 2 other 650 and heard the same. The Sprint rep listened with me and when we held a 600 to one ear and the 650 to the other you could really hear the extreme difference. My mom always said I would blow by hearing listening to Def Lep so loud in the 80s and I guess she was right. Anyway, any suggestions or links that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your advice in advance!!!!!!
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    I am having the same problem, very low volume on ear piece when it is all the way up.
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    The Sony HBH660 Akono Bluetooth headset with the SlicSound works very well. I have the volume on both the headset and the phone turned down to almost the minimum most of the time.
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    New to the Treo family but I used to have a Sanyo 4900 and loved it. I never had a a real problem hearing on the 650 without a headset but design wise, the speaker does face "down" as opposed to most cell phones that just face forward. If I am at home or in a quiet environment, I use the treo without an earpiece. Every other time, I pretty much use my new Scala-500 (bluetooth) headset. Plenty loud and just as convenient since there are no wires...
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    I would like to be able to have a conversation outside the house without using a headset.
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    I have a jabra freespeak 650 and it helps but the earpiece on the phone itself is typically too quiet. Has anyone heard of any firmware updates or even know where to look?

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