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    A few questions:

    1. I haven't figured out how to stop the on the hour ring. How can I turn it off?

    2. Under documents, the dataviz documents to go, i have been using a few of the folders and it seems to not be saving to my computer after hotsyncing. I need that material saved.

    3. I have Aol as my email service, what is the best way to receive my email?

    Thanks for any help, especially #1 it driving me nuts.

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    1 - This isn't on by default, so my guess is you turned it on somehow somewhere (calendar?). If you still have no luck, just perform a hard-reset.
    2 - don't have it installed..sorry
    3 - Versa Mail already has a profile for should check it out.
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    On the opening screen for docs to go on your treo, there should be a list of docs for you to choose from. To the right of the file size, there is a place to tap if you want to hotsync the document (or not). Tapping it turns it on and off. Have you done that already?


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