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    We purchased a refurb treo 300 that has sadly been nothing but trouble. Thanks to some of you here, the load has been lightened. Thank you.

    I have another question, though.

    We had the treo working fine until it stopped syncing. I have switched out both phone and cable, so I am sure it is the desktop's fault.

    I press the hotsync button and get the happy <bla-blee!> sound. About 3 seconds later I get the message that a connection could not be made with the computer--the same lengthy message you get if you try and hotsync and the cable isn't connected.

    I'm going to the most recent version of PalmDesktop for Treo. I don't have two palm desktops installed--according to control panel. I am on XP. There were no system changes prior to this problem. I have a mouse and external cdburner and a wireless access point on USB, but the problem is the same with them plugged/unplugged. I've disabled and enabled all USB ports. I've scanned for new hardware. I'm about to reinstall desktop for the x'th time after doodling with the USB ports.

    Help again? Thanks.
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    soemtimes that happens with mine...
    is the hotsync manager on the tool bar in the lower right hand corner? usually if i just run that program before i hotsync that will do the trick...
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    Sounds to me like your desktop software doesnt recognize your treo. Maybe when you "switched out" you changed the name of yout treo. I would uninstall the desktop, make sure you manually throw away the handspring folder on your hard drive too because the uninstall tool wont do the whole trick, then reinstall and hotsync.

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