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    Previous posts have mentioned that users have problems connecting a 650 to an external antenna. I recall a comment indicating that the hole in the case may be too small (or the writer may have had the incorrect adapter).
    Has anyone successfully connected their 650 to an external antenna?
    Mark Bergman
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    Wilson Electronics makes most of the antenna adapters for cell phones. They sent me an adapter for the 600 to evaluate for the 650 as it was thought it might be the same. Unfortunately, it is not. Therefore, they will have to develop an adapter which takes 5 to 10 weeks according to my contact there. I am not aware of anyone who has released an antenna adapter as of yet. I will never understand why the vendor (PalmOne in this case) would release a phone with an antenna jack and no way to connect anything to it. Then again, there is a lot in this world I don't understand.

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