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    I have a horizontal blue line across my treo 270 screen. It is about 1/8" thick and 1" from the top.

    I replaced the battery with one I bought from ebay. Pretty sweet actually. It somes with a little plug connector and everything. I opened the case with little difficulty and replaced the battery. The unit was powered off, not plugged in and the new battery was discharged. I put the unit mostly back together but didn't click and screw it. I wanted to see if the thing would work first. After charging it I powered it up. There was no blue line. I did a restore and everything seemed great.

    While trying to put it totally together one edge would not fit right. I reopened it to reposition the battery and the leads. They were pushing on a little black square thing right beside the battery plug on the main board. While trying to put the thing back together I pressed some buttons and the scroll wheel on the side causing the power to come on but the process was done slowly and gingerly. I kept turning it off when it came on. When I looked after I was done there was the blue line. It works fine otherwise however.

    I can now take it appart and put it together with almost no force whatsoever(practice makes perfect). I tried opening it again to unplug the battery for a minute. No effect.

    Any ideas?
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    as I know , treo270 LCD interface line very weak ..

    you can fix .. but I think it is difficult , I replace treo270 battery also cause blue + black line in LCD panel

    chinese font , about how to fix treo270 LCD
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    It could be. I will have to check to see if I can find any damage on the ribon cable going to the LCD. I wonder if that damage would only produce a vertical line as in the pictures from the site you mentioned or if it is possible to get horizontal lines as in my situation?

    Any ideas?
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    I also have a similar lne across the screen it happened when i opened the backcover to fix the vibration spring - I am postive the cable is not damaged i looked closely - but whats up - the above link is chinees - any other ideas?
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    I am not sure. I was thinking static or something.

    I actually opened it and closed it a few times with no issues. It was the last time that this blue line happened. The battery was pushing on a little black thing beside the plug before I pushed the battery to a new spot. I don't know what that thing does but maybe that was it. (it wouldn't close properly) and pushed on the whole board on the other side. When I pushed it together it did cause the screen to stop responding to any taps. It was like I was holding down a key on a computer keyboard not allowing other keys to register.

    I used some free translation web stuff on the earlier link. They essentially use words to describe the pictures. There is more detail about the solder to use and some cautions and that you really have to use a microscope of some sort to see what you are doing.

    I am living with it until I get a new Treo in a few years. The blue line position in mine is actually in a good spot. I can see most things and it doesn't seem to get in the way too much. If I come across some good info I will post but nothing so far.

    I have great doubts if good information, let alone a fix, will be coming any time soon.
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    If nothing else works, I've got a couple of replacement screens available.
    you can email to

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