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    So I just got me Treo 650 today and went out and bought a 1GB SD card. I am happy with the Treo. It rocks. I am having a problem with the SD card. When I view the card info, everything shows up correctly, i.e., Amount of files on it, space used, etc. I can play my mp3s through realplayer fine. The problem i have is when I put mp3s into the audio folder either via PALM sync, or directly through my card reader, a list of the songs does not pop up. Same thing with images. Again, I can play the songs just fine, but when i am viewing the card through the palm, no image files or audio files show. As a matter of fact, I cannot even see any folders under the card category. Info shows that they are there, but I cant view them. If i install an app to the card, the app shows up in the list and runs fine.
    I also installed lightwav so i can use mp3s as my ringer, but when i go to select a song through lightwav, no songs appear in that list. The only place I can see the songs are with realplayer.
    If i take a picture and save it to the card, I cannot see the pic on the card menu.
    If I copy an application from the main ROM to the card, I can see it on the list. It appears that the only things i can view are applications.
    Please help.....

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    Individual files don't show up in the card category. To view them, you need this program... FileZ its free
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    That is true, the "info" built into the palm OS does not show individual files on the SD card, but filez or other file managers will. I can see all mp3 files on my SD card using filez
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    Thanks! YOu would think that would be a default application....

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