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    Someone please explain to me how it works. I look at some app. for example Launcher III v1.5.2. One person report a problem but 3 persons report no problems but under user confirmation column it says YES 0% NO 100% and under Fix it says NO.
    I'm confused, what do they really mean?

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    I understand that it can seem somewhat confusing....

    In Launcher III 1.5.2, the creator of the post reported a problem with the software. Readers then get a chance to confirm the bug.
    If they can replicate the problem, which means it really is a problem, they vote Yes. If they can't replicate the problem, they vote No.

    So if it says "User Confirmation" or "Problem Confirmed by Users" Yes: 0% No:100%, it means that 0% can confirm the the problem (does exist), while 100% can not confirm it (problem doesn't exist).

    Only User Confirmations are used when calculating the percentages - and remember that one can vote without adding a comment.

    BTW, we monitor the list and remove listings that after several user votes shows 100% NO.

    If you feel the wording is too confusing, please post your suggestions below



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    Thanks Marcus,
    It was confusing w/o knowing what YES and NO really means. With your explanation, now I know what they represent. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is confused. If there is some explanation or HELP on the page to explain the rules, it would be helpful to a lot of people.
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    How about changing the wording to "experienced same problem?" or "problem duplicated?" or something like that.

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