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    Hi. I'm new here and just got my 650 two weeks ago. Pardon my ignorance but what program would you use to open "Mimi" files?

    What I'm trying to do is e-mail photos from my 650 via an AOL attachment. I sort of assumed they'd be in tiff or j-peg, so I'm having trouble openning them on my computer.

    Is there an method to save images on the 650 in j-peg? Or, is j-peg too large a file? I guess you can tell I'm a newbie. Thanks.
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    If my memory serves "mime" attachments refer to formatted text files, not photos.

    Not sure I understand the "via AOL attachment" part. Are these pictures you took with your T650 camera? They are formatted in Jpeg by default, and will appear in the body of an HTML message received by anyone.

    If you set your desktop email client to receive HTML you should not have trouble viewing the sprint vision picture share emails.
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    I am having the very same trouble. When I send a photo to my AOL account from my treo 650 through versamail (from either AOL or SprintPCS accts) and I send it as an attachment (which seems to be the only way), what I receive is NOT a jpg. Instead, it's an attached MIM encoded file..and when I use a utility to extract the's actually not a jpg anymore. Instead, it's called UNKNOWN.001 and if I replace the extension .001 with .jpg, then I can finally see the file. It seems that this shouldn't be happening, as it's really a hassle. I know that I can just send them via picturemail, but I'd prefer to have the attachments from versamail show up as the same kind of extension that I am intending, instead of annoying .mim files. Does anyone know why this is happening and what can be done to fix it?
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    I have noticed the same problem with aol. I believe that it is actually converted over to a zip file and has to be unzipped. Try winzip. It's actually to bad this happens with AOL.

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