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    Im going to try a few more things before complaining too much
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    u r not alone. I'm about to download Kinoma and see what they're talking about
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    someone posted that a new product is coming to the market by Nero. Looks like it encodes and is a player. Not exactly sure, but will continue to check into it. If anyone has any experience with it, keep us informed.

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    What is the problem with mmplayer? I own it and if you file are correctly encoded, it plays great with mmplayer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfinger
    What is the problem with mmplayer? I own it and if you file are correctly encoded, it plays great with mmplayer.
    Personally, I don't have a problem with it. I happened to noticed the information I posted above on the MMplayer web site, in their forum. Just passing along information I thought might be useful to someone.

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    mmplayer only sucks & if your encoding sucks & u don't know what u are doing.... likely due to lack of research.
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    I have ripped numerous DVD's using Pocket DVD. I have never been able to get the audio/video to sync properly with MMplayer. I'm sure it's me. I ended up getting SmartMovie with SmartMovie converter. Works great for me. I still rip the DVD with Pocket DVD. But then I run the .avi file through SmartMovie converter. I have been getting 500mb files down to around 150mb and watching the movie using SmartMovie, the audio/video sync up great. Out of the approx. 10 movies I have processed this way, all look and sound great on the T650.

    I have suggested this to another person and he had trouble getting SmartMovie Converter to function properly on his PC.
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    I have video bitrate problems with MMPlayer. I am going to try other options, but for whatever reason I cannot play movies converted with Pocket DVD. I have MPEGs from my TV Capture card and those play great, but no matter what video bitrate I use to decode a DVD it doesn't play correctly.

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    I tried SmartMovie and it works great with the Pocket DVD movies I have created. It's unfortunate that I have already purchased MMPlayer.
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    I love MMPlayer - I use VirtualDub to convert my movies (takes a little practice but it's worth it) and my movies are gorgeous!
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    I use xvid codec w/pocket divx encoder (made by ppc folks) & then run file through its a/v synch option.... works awesome!
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    I use Mactheripper and D-Vision (both freeware/donationware) and they work great with MMPlayer. Most files are 80-120 mb.
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    decrypter & pocket divx encoder also free
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    John: Can you share how you use these tools. Doesn't have to be step-by-step , but an overview would be nice (and links to the tools too).

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    Has issues with the NEW version.
    Downloaded the OLDversion for the the Tungsten
    and now Blade Runner, Kill Bill, Empire Strikes Back (found elsewhere on the net) encoded specifically for t600 play fine.
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    I have posts w/ what u want here & on mmplayer site encoding forum (for t600, just play w/high bit rates for the 650).. just do a search for my posts using my user name & encoding pocket divx encoder.... also do web search to find the programs.
    PM me if need further help.
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    Bujin: Could you please tell me what setting you're using in Virtual Dub? I've tried every variation in that program by changing the resolution and audio encoding and everytime I play a movie or TV show, the audio goes out of snyc within 2 minutes in MMPlayer. I have a Treo 650 and have been trying 320X160, 320X176, 320X240, 240X240 and different mono audio encodings. I tried encoding using the "every other frame rate" compression setting and even tried compressing at exactly 15 fps. Nothing works to get the audio to sync. It's really frustrating because I'm so close to having great quality movies on the Treo with only purchasing MMPlayer.
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    It will sync up if I use MMPlayer's built in A/V sync settings but once you do that it's out of sync again within a few minutes. I don't want to have to change that setting every 2 minutes while I'm watching a 2 hr. movie !
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    run the file thru pocket divx encoders a/v synch util... works everytime!
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    My problem with MMplayer is not getting files to play - it is that the GUI stinks. You can't use the 5way to navigate menus. Its not like the Treo600 or 650.

    If you have a TiVo - you understand how having a well designed and usable interface is as imporant as having a product that works.

    MMplayer does play files - just don't expect it to be easy to use TO PLAY FILES (again not commenting on conversion - I can do that just fine).

    FYI - I have the same complaints with Ptunes, although it does a much better job. My complaint with Ptunes interface is the opening of files - click click click click and you are still not where you want to be. Should be a simple click and navigate a tree with the 5way. Then click to select and play - Should be able to do this one handed. Same goes for MMplayer - the interface should be one handed and easy.

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    Am I the only one who finds that MMPlayer (which I finally just bought yesterday) keeps freezing up my screen if I try to exit. I have it on my card and I use ZLauncher to launch it. I also find that if I try to fast forward in a file using the slider it loses the that normal?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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