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    I am a macuser and a big fan.They should not be too harsh on this young geek.
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    Nope, only apple could be this abusive to its biggest fans...
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    This story made the front page of the WSJ this morning.
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    Trade secrets? Sounds more like the PRPRPR $department$ $is$ $having$ $a$ $hissy$ $because$ $they$ $weren$'$t$ $first$ $to$ $announce$ $their$ $new$ $products$. $It$'$s$ $not$ $like$ $the$ $guy$ $posted$ $schematics$ $or$ $gave$ $away$ $code$. $A$ $cease$ $and$ $desist$ $would$ $easily$ $solve$ $the$ $problem$ $from$ $the$ $outside$ ($No$.. $I$'$m$ $not$ $a$ $lawyer$). $And$ $clearly$ $they$ $should$ $be$ $looking$ $within$ $to$ $plug$ $the$ $leak$...
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    thats pretty crappy. I hope a good high powered lawyer picks up the case for him. This is pull. Apple is not better than the competition. They have pretty good hardware packaged in a nice package, but its their FANS that keep them going. I hope this kinda crap backfires on them.
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    I have to agree with SamCraig. Obviously there is a problem within Apple if details of unreleased products are showing up in the press. Someone inside is talking too much either directly to the press or to someone who is then passing on the info. I'll bet a lot of this is just Job's ego getting bruised by being scooped on the big announcements. He seems to need the accolades of the adoring fans to keep going. What he doesn't realize is that such leaks usually increase interest, not hurt it.
    That said, I would really like to try the Mac Mini.

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