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    I saw a post somewhere with people's list of best programs, but I can't find it now.

    There were a couple of hacks that looked interesting but now I can't find it. So how about another list.
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    There is presently a discussion of good/best hacks going on in the How To section of the board.
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    You might try going to and clicking on the hotlink The Essentials.

    You really should have some kind of document reader. I use both ISilo and TealDoc. Reviews on various readers can be found at

    Most Visor users will agree that the coolest app is Avant Go, which can be found at
    You subscribe to various virtual magazines, which are updated with each hotsynch. You can also do things like get driving directions to various destinations, and obtain the local weather report.

    For about $16 you can get a map of your city at Handmap

    My favorite household budgeting software is QuikBudget

    You can find novels to read (for free) at
    You can find novels to read (for a price) at

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    There were some older threads with some good software recommendations, such as and . I know there were several others if you want to search the archives.

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