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    I am still looking for better solution to synchronize my Mac address book with Treo.

    I am using apple Address Book to keep most of my contact
    infromation. Unfortunately, when I sync it to Treo, many pieces
    are lost. For example:

    1. Contact photographs
    2. Second address (our of Work/Home address only one synced)
    3. IM fields
    4. Secondary work/home phones (try to add 2 phones both marked as "Home" to contact)
    5. Out of Home/Work FAX numbers only one synced to palm
    6. Contacts marked as "Company".

    This is very frustrating. I would gladly pay to switch Palm software
    which would replace built-in address book and will address all these issues.
    Any suggestions?
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    Try e2sync to sync iCal(and To Dos) and Address Book to Microsoft Entourage, then sync a second time to sync Entourage to Palm using Entourage conduit.

    This will preserve iCal Calendars and Address Book groups in the form of categories on the Palm as well as keeping those extra fields (like business addresses, IM fields...) synced from app to app.
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    doing this daily is hardly a feasible solution.

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