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    I got my 650 couple of days ago and have been trying different software to add on.

    My main problem right now is the standard "Address Book" application is not funcational. I cannot see it in standard "Application". I can see it in ZLauncher but only in their FileManager. I assign a particular category to "AddressBook" and go to that category - it is not there.
    I am not sure what to do?

    I installed & deleted a bunch of shareware. But I think in one of the installed I might have run out of memory (I don't have a SD card yet). During that installation, the 650 started going into reboot mode. I did a soft reset and I could get the phone to work but nothing else. Then I did a hard reset, and I got everything to work (thought I don't remember check the address book). I then proceded to install the stuff back - making sure I removed stuff that I thought could cause problems. Everything came up fine without problems. However my standard address book did not show up. I was able to see stuff though Agendus but I am really bothered the my normal address book is gone.

    Any ideas as to what to try?


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    look for a file called contactsDB-PAD that is the one your native address book uses, soft reset will restore it.
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    Thanks, I ended up doing a hard reset again and reinstalling fewer software and it seems to work fine now. Thanks for the suggestion.

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