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    1) When editing a message body, up and down should move the caret up and down a line. A number of times I've had to tap the screen with my finger to move to a different part of the message for editing. If I just wanted to scroll, I can hit center again to get out of editing mode.

    2) The 5-way navigation on all of the settings screens is very counter-intuitive. Left and right usually do what is expected, but up and down skip all over the place. Perhaps you meant it as a quicker way of navigating big lists of checkboxes, but it feels like a bug because no other programs work that way and I'm ususally not thinking about it, so I just notice that it didn't go where I expected it to.

    The only place left and right behave unexpectedly is on the Deliver screen, where moving right from the top boxes goes to __ Days before Sync Messages.

    3) High-res icons. Edit: Doh! Didn't read the sticky thread.
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    GregV - Thanks. I'll look at those...


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