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    I'm trying to decide which is better. Both have nice features. Any opinion ????
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    ya, go with the new Silverscreen ver.1.2

    It's elegant and efficient, taking the natural PalmOS operating front and tweaking it. Unlike the programs you mention which try to re-invent the wheel (and i've read on this site that that wheel goes flat occasionally )

    The new ver. 1.2 has programable 'bubbles' on the screen and makes an already great and efficient operating front that much better!

    my 2.199999 cents
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    I agree with Hoser (don't know what he is doing in usa, most hosers are from Canada ) I've tried all 3 and I like Silver screen the best. One of the things I liked about the hand one was the view everything tab. I just got tealglance and I'm going to see how that works.
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    what does the view everything tab show? tealglance is pretty cool, i've been meaning to try it but haven't got to it yet. let me know what you think!

    (yes i'm from canada...the huge sucking noise you hear is the brain drain coming to the states! )
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    I've tried all three and highly recommend Launcher III. HandScape seemed to do everything Launcher does, except that it was less elegant - more punching around to accomplish the same tasks and see the same items.

    Launcher is simply the "front end" that the Palm OS should have! Everything you need is right there. Deleting, beaming, customization of items viewed and organized is just great - and how can you beat the price! It's WELL worth it.

    SilverScreen is pricey for what it is and some folks have reported conflict problems. When I installed Launcher III I had discovered and was using 95% of its features within a few minutes. SilverScreen has a "learning curve" and it made my system very unstable.

    Save your money for some killer app - go with Launcher III.
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    I have seen the promo screens for the others, and quite honestly, don't understand what the fuss is about SilverScreen. I am looking for functionality, not glitz.

    I have been using LauncherIII for several months now, since I got my VDX. It is clean, very functional and easy to use. The best features are the Tabs.

    This allows you to organize your icons into folders, and tap the tab you want to see the apps in that area. You move apps from one tab to another by just dragging and dropping. And there is the little icon to beam or delete on the screen.

    In addition, it has a readout for memory available and battery useage on the bottom of the screen.

    Well designed, easy to use, and it's FREE.

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    Hi everyone, actually I like LauncherIII better. I can do things w/ fewer strokes than the other 2. But I would like to hear more from others. May be there's something I overlook in Handscape or Silverscreen.

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    I'm using GoBar after having Launcher for the last couple of years. If you use Windows, you'll like GoBar

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    I agree with Launcher III! I've tried the others but always come back home! I've emailed the author about some problems with the 8 MB Flash Ram springboard, and he is working on an update. But it's free, sleek, and easy to use! Great program!
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    I am new to the Visor/Palm area. I have not tried the others, but I am currently using Launcher III. I have to admit I really like it. I like being able to organize and separate the programs in easy to click on tabs. I personally bought the Visor because it wasn't windows (not the only reason) so I didn't want the one with a start button. The others didn't seem like an improvement from what I liked about Launcher.
    Just my two fennings
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    To all you Launcher III users out there, be aware that if you should opt for the Palm IIIc or any other Palm device that runs OS version 3.5, Launcher III is NOT compatible with that version--at least as of 3/9/2000.
    I got a Palm IIIc at Staples and am trying it out. I synched it to the same user profile I used for my Visor and Launcher III got installed. Anytime I tried to open the Apps function, I got a Reset screen.
    This probably won't be a problem for long, and, again, only affects OS 3.5 devices.
    Thought I would pass this along, since I learned the hard way.

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