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    anyone else notice that when you eject the SD card, the treo fires up?
    No ill effects yet, just wondering...
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    Yep, it sends a IRQ which wakes up the cpu... Completely normal.
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    Yes, this is normal with all my Palm devices. They wake up when the SD is inserted or removed. I think it's a good feature
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    i returned my treo because my phone kept being woke up. It would go off ever few hours for no reason. Then i took the card out and put it back in and it wouldnt recognize the card. then i would do it a few times and it would be ok for a while then boom all over again.
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    Haven't noticed that, michael82574, but yes, mine comes to life if to eject/add the SD
    Shasta (Treo 650)
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    "does ejecting SD turn on your 650"

    Whooo ..... let's keep this discussion Rated "G" (for GSM).

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