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    palmOne doesn't come out and advertise this, but a 128Mb SD card is offered to Treo 650 owners for FREE just for the asking.

    As you may or may not know, there is a known inefficency in the Treo 650's memory management. Stored data is saved in exactly 512 byte blocks, no matter how small the data is. Thais causes the 650 to consume memory faster than it would if it saved memory in actual size.

    To address this problem, palmOne is offering a FREE 128MB SD card to 650 owners.

    Palm talks about the problem on their Support page. The topic in the Knowledgebase is: Solution ID: 35222 - How does the Treo 650 memory system work (NVFS), and how does it affect me when I upgrade from a previous device?,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(35222)

    Scroll down 3/4 ways down the webpage to the title that reads: Storing applications and data on expansion cards instead of internal memory

    There's a paragraph that reads:

    "palmOne understands that this is not an optimal solution for our power users, and we are committed to providing a great experience for all our users. Therefore, Treo 650 purchasers can request a free 128MB SD expansion card to help with memory management. Offer details. "

    Click on the Offer details link. You'll be taken to a webpage about : 128 MB Memory Card Ordering Instructions

    You'll need your Treo 650's S/N and the 650's ID number that is located on a sticker on the back of your CD-ROm that came with the 650. (I hope you still have it handy).

    After verification, you'll then be forwarded to the Palm Store's normal purchase screens to finish your FREE order. Shipping is free if you select ground. Next day is available for about 10 Bucks.

    Good Luck. Now, go get'em!!

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    You're obviously new. No flames, no sarcasm. This has been posted before (awhile ago) and there are threads about this. There's a handy dandy search function that's useful for things like this...
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    Thanks for the info and welcome to the community. This needs to be stickied because people will not think to search for this and these are good instructions!
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    Thanks for your welcome ayasin. I just picked up my 650 yesterday and was reading/learning more about it from palmOne's KnowledgeBase when I ran into the FREE offer.

    I should have known that all the posters here are techies and have long known about the FREE offer.

    I just thought I'd try to be a positive contribitor to this treo forum site.

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    Thanks maroot for posting this as even though the old-timers know about this, many still don't know about this great offer as P1 makes you dig for it on their site! The idea of the noobs using search to find out about this is stupid! If folks are that upset about an occasional repost, I suggest they make this a sticky until the end of the free offer from P1.
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    This was a sticky, but too many newbies complained about there being to many stickys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    This was a sticky
    It IS a sticky in the SD(IO) forum (where I just moved this thread to as well).
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    Quote Originally Posted by maroot
    palmOne doesn't come out and advertise this, but a 128Mb SD card is offered to Treo 650 owners for FREE just for the asking....
    Just for the asking, indeed. Lest P1 should get too much credit for this, the current mail order price for a 128MB SD card is $7- plus shipping and handling. Said another way, the value of a 128MB SD at retail is less than the cost of shipping it to you. Of course, one may expect that the cost to P1 in bulk is equivalent to the value of the prize in a Cracker Jack box. Hardly enough to compensate for the fact that one cannot simply port one's 600 configuration to a 650 and expect it to work. It also gives one some idea of how much it would add to the cost of a 650 to have shipped it with the expected amount of memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    It IS a sticky in the SD(IO) forum (where I just moved this thread to as well).
    This needs to be a sticky in the Treo 650 forum. It's a discussion about a workaround for the Treo hardware not about SD cards or IO in general. If it's not there and stickied it won't be found by the "newbies" that come to this forum.
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    yeah, thanks Maroot. I didn't know about this, so I followed the link and 128 MB SD card is on its way to me. Now, if I could figure out what to do with the other free SD card I have. hmmm.

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