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    For some reason, Chatter Email isn't downloading the folder list from my account. I can add a folder manually by entering "INBOX.SubFolder.Mailbox", but the drop-down list of all my folders (that always comes up in Thunderbird without any problems) doesn't have anything other than "INBOX".

    Any ideas?
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    Highlight the INBOX and then use the right arrow to rocker over and a whole list will open up then.
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    awerry - Thanks for helping out...

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    Ahhhh. I guess I should have followed that "Use Rocker Keys to Navigate" bit of advice in the Folder Browser and read the doc more carefully. On second reading, it's all in there pretty clearly. Thanks for the help.
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    Before I left home I wanted to install a new app in my 600. I needed space so i went into everything, (sms, mms, mail, chatter and verichat) and purged all my mail... BTW I didn't install the new app after all but, I noticed I wasn't getting chatter messages, both my mail boxes are gone. What did I do?
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    cglaguna - I'm not sure exactly what you did, but it would appear that some databases got deleted.


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