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    You know when you open up say MMS, but mainly long does it stay connected if i dont disconnect.

    See i want to stay connected, because i have snappermail, and i have it set to check mail every 30mins...and in the 30min lapse, im still connected to GPRS if i need i want to increase the interval of mail checking to max 1hr...but short of doing it the long way (watching it check mail at t=0, and then t=60min) to see if i am connected or not.

    I would check my GPRS/WAP settings, however my unit is rogers locked, and well they have locked the settings in the "preferences --> network menu".

    Thanks guys much appreciated
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    Unlimited , 24 hrs (sometimes your carrier will drop the connection to make room for other users who wish to use GPRS service...but Treo is able to stay connected for unlimtied hours

    If you are outside the GPRS location (or if there is a poor GPRS Coverage) , Treo may drop the connection

    It depends on your Network , in Malaysia , my carrier usually drops GPRS Conenction after 30mins , to make room for other users to use the Service , etc
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    Whenever Snappermail or any other web application trys to use the internet, the internet quickly reconnects, there is no need to keep a constant connection.
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    thanks prasys..

    cglaguna, yeah i know...see i want to avoid that...reason being its kind cool to access verichat and other GPRS dependant programs without having to do the reconnect screen...and well when snappermail starts at 6am, it makes the GPRS connection until midnight, and then it will timeout at some point

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