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    The black slip case that comes with the standard Apple Ipod fits the Treo 650 beautifully. I am using it until the perfect case is available for the 650.

    P.S. Thanks to someone else somewhere on a Treo forum who posted this first! OMG, yes folks this is a REPOST!
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    Good repost :d

    I think slip cases (pouches) are more practical than these flip lid cases I see in the stores and online. I alternate between my old Kyocera leather slip case and a micro camera case I bought for $6.99
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    The case that comes with the new MYFI XM hand held Radio fits the 650 just great too.
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    You buy a $10 mag flashlight and it comes with a good looking case, but the $450 after rebates Treo 650 coes with no case, no cradle, no Vehicle charger.

    Am I outraged? No. I'm numb by now.

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