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    I just ordered a Visor Deluxe, and am looking forward to using it in my clinical rotations, which start in a week.

    I am wondering which, if any, software for human medicine would be helpful to me. Can any of you advise? I would especially like to know if any of the software is customizable. (Can I put in new drugs, change dosages, etc?)

    We use many of the same drugs, but of course the dosages are different. We run a lot of the same tests (CBCs, chem profiles, UAs, clotting profiles, rads, U/S, MRI, etc...) Our demographic info of interest is: age, species, breed, sex (spayed/neutered status is relevant). Being able to calculate doses for IV fluids, replacement electrolytes, etc., would be really helpful.

    From what I have read on this site, people seem to like PatientKeeper; I have also read about another app called "SOAPdish." Any thoughts?

    Your help is deeply appreciated! Thanks.
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    I can recommend a couple of medical sites to check out. There is tons of stuff out there for the PalmOS that is medical. Start with

    then try

    Check out the forum at PDAMD- there is another vet doing the things you are looking to do. Maybe you can connect with her.

    Follow the links around from there. I personally use a variety of software apps to manage my patients, the most important being HanDBase with a small patient tracking applet I developed myself. Also JFile, and AvantGo to keep up with journals.

    Good Luck-

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