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    I am not sure if this topic has been visited.

    Is there any way to develop and application for cdma phones that will at least let you know you have an incoming call while on the internet and then in turn indicate the number?

    Or is there an app like this available already?

    I am pretty sure that on gsm models you can receive calls while on the internet. If that is so...
    I may be a GSM customer in the very near future.
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    Neither GSM nor CDMA support concurrent use of voice and data currently. however if your data connection is idle because you are reading a webpage or such, the call will come through. This is a limitation of the service providers network, so there is no chance for an app to overcome it. Your pretty much going to have to accept this shortcoming.
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    Thanks Tek
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    And the key point here is that this applies to both CDMA and GSM carriers. The myth that GSM will allow calls through during a data session is just that: myth. If the connection thread is idle, then either carrier can route a call through. But if the connection is active, all calls will go to voicemail.
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    In my experience, if the person who tried to call you hits the voicemail option to page you (or leaves a voice mail) you'll get the text notification.
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    That sounds about right. Text messages, pages, and voicemail notification travel over the data or the control paths, so that seems logical.

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