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    I'm not exactly sure what they do.

    Do I want the latest rom #5?
    Any help would be great
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    Shadowmites Custom Rom, Right? I too pondered the same question, however when you look at it, the best choice is # 3.

    #3 Comes with the Very important Voice Patch and Bluetooth DUN patch. It also includes Voicememo which is a palm native app and Notepad. Both cool little apps to have.

    And it removes all the other "Crap" from main memory. Such as Real Player, "Get BC", "download", and "Quick Tour".

    #3 applies important patches and throws in a few goodies and gets rid of un-necessary pre-installed apps.

    In addition :

    - Get a 1 large 60x SD card and install and store everything there. I got a 1GIG ATP 60x from ebay for under $90. You should get ZLauncher as well, it moves both the application and database to the SD card.

    - I went with pTunes instead of real player, it is much better.

    Hope that helps.
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    I totally agree with Darkpeace. I flashed custom ROM #3 and use PocketTunes. It gets rid of all the useless Sprint/Palm apps, gets rid of RealPlayer (which I despise), but keeps Versamail (which I like). It also gives you those nifty notepad and voice recorder apps that SHOULD have been included as OEM on the Treo but weren't.
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    after choosing # 3, can you reinstall voice signal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by krs71
    after choosing # 3, can you reinstall voice signal?
    Yes. The new ROM doesn't restrict you from installing things into the RAM. If a program worked before the ROM flash, it should work after the ROM flash.
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    Another vote for ROM #3 plus PTunes. Best combo I have seen as long as you are happy with Versamail, and I am.
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    I also flashed Shadowmite's ROM 3 and use PocketTunes from the SD card.
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    I also install Rom 3 from Shadowmite and it works great. Thanks Shadowmite.
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    I need Bluetooth, and flashed Pee-1's patch to get the phone mostly compatible with my car and other hardware.

    Will Shadowmite's ROM3 interfere at all with that patch - are they compatible?
    Where can I find the patch and the installer?

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    please exscuse me, I am a treo Novice, what is a rom and where do I get it?
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    take a look through - that's got everything you need to know, including detailed, step by step instructions.
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    thanks Fairchild
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    how does one go about making their own rom. Removing all that junk is nice but only worthwhile if you can reclaim it by adding your own stuff..
  14. #14 it a requirement to have a card reader to install a shadowmite ROM..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany it a requirement to have a card reader to install a shadowmite ROM..?
    Rom Update Instructions

    You must have a SD card reader/writer for your computer!
    Treo 650 Unlocked GSM FW1.23

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