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    I have a question on how the Treo 650 functions?

    Since its a PALM OS device do you turn it on and off to use it or is it always on?

    Does the screen go into some sort of sleep mode and if the phone rings it wakes up etc.

    How does that work.

    Thank you.
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    The palm part of the phone is always on. You can turn the phone part (the radio) on or off.

    If you do not touch the screen or hit any buttons the unit goes "to sleep" where the screen turns off and the keyguard is activated. To use the device you have to press either the green or the red button, and then the center of the 5-way pad to de-activate the keyguard.

    If you receive a call while the unit is in this sleep mode, the screen turns on and then the phone rings/vibrates.

    Especially at night, this is when I know I'm getting a call, I notice the light from the screen before the phone actually starts ringing.
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    Thanks for the answer that sounds cool.

    can't wait to see its big shiny screen and buttons.

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