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    New member and first time post. I noticed this AM that Engadget is predicting that Cingular will be announcing the Treo 650 on or before January 27. Details in the link below. I've noticed that Cingular has been featuring the T600 on their home page at a price of $299. Maybe they are clearing inventory and the long expected release is at hand OR maybe not.
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    Take a look at the front page on Treocentral as well
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    Engadget's prediction is based on what they saw over here at Treocentral, (they credit TC in the body of their article) so it doesn't really add anything to what we already know, which is nothing but rumours, although there are in my opinion good signs that the 27th will come true.
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    You are all overemphasizing this PalmOne webinar and any implication as to the date of the webinar as it relates to the date of the Cingular T650. Chill out, people. When it arrives, it arrives-life goes on. Just because it's posted on the front page of TC or Engadget has just lifted the information from TC does not make it true.

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