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    I am using Datebook3 trial and love it. But I am getting duplicating datebook entries now when I hotsynch. I am not sure if it's the Dataviz Desktop/Doc to Go synchronizing in addition to Outlook synch or what. I have my DB3 synched to Outlook 2000. I have just deleted a ton of duplicates in the DB3 and before I synch again I was hoping someone could suggest what preferences/settings to check for in my Desktop to go, Outlook, Palm and DB settings so I don't do this again. I do not have the patch installed to run DB3 over DB+.
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    Can't help on your direct question, but I do remember seeing some app or hack to delete dupes from DB/DB3. Should be on PalmGear.
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    Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about that hack since I never needed it. I can use that until I get the problem resolved. - M.

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