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    :( I have TREO 600 width only MAPOPOLIS 2.2 installed and connected to GPS HAICOM HI-204E by cable 204-CHG-TREO
    But not working. Mapopolis show this message: “the GPS unit could not be started”.

    How can I solve this problem?

    I Have done the reset in Treo 600 and I have reinstalled only Mapopolis and one map.

    By, Roberto
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    Hi, Roberto,

    Here's some information from Mapopolis Support for you:

    Starting GPS on Treo 600
    These are our recommended settings:

    Turn off "Auto Start GPS" under GPS Settings on your Treo.

    Turn on "Auto-scroll," "Auto-rotate," and "Keep device power on for 1 hr."

    Select "Treo connection" rather than regular serial connection.

    And do a soft Reset.

    Recommended start sequence. This is for cold-starting the GPS and initializing the COM port on the Treo. It should normally only be necessary the first time each day that the Treo and GPS are used.

    1. Tap Menu

    2. Tap Maps

    3. Tap a local map to highlight it

    4. Tap View

    5. Tap Menu

    6. Tap Navigation

    7. Tap "Use Current GPS Position" Set Start Point

    8. Then tap anything, anywhere on the map to set your destination.

    9. Next, in your vehicle with the engine running and with all parts connected and plugged in, tap "Generate Route" at the bottom of the Navigation

    10. On the first try, there may be a delay starting the GPS device. This happens because the GPS is trying to obtain its initial fix. As long as the small clock indicator in the upper right corner is spinning, the Treo has not locked up. Please wait for up to ten minutes for the GPS to obtain a satellite fix.

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