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    Any recommendations for a fitness program I can track my workouts with, especially weight training?
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    Have you checked out Workout Tracker from Standalone Software?
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    Wow talk about reviving an old thread. Seen ths question asked and it seems to be the answer

    Just ran into this:

    Palm OS
    MySportTraining Polar
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    I use an Excel spreadsheet in DTG which I synch with a version on my computer. Column 1 is the exercise, column 2 reps and lbs, then workout date.
    I use a separate sheet for Mon/Thurs and Tues/Fri and another one for Wednesday (swimming). It works great, and if you are clever enough you can graph your progress using the sums of the weights you use each day.
    I can send you a copy of the one I use if you want - off list.

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