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    I know VersaMail permits changing between accounts by pressing the "mail" button repeatedly. The only way to change between different folders or accounts with Snappermail seems to be by navigating between the different folders or pressing the "mail" repeatedly which just changes folders not entire accounts. Is there a quick way to jump accounts and not just folders? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I had the same question.
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    I have each of my accounts go automatically into a respective folder, at which point left / right toggle will cycle through the folders. My inbox is always empty. Not sure exactly what you're asking though, since I think Snapper downloads active accounts directly to your inbox or respective folder, and there's not really an "account" distinction (?).
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    I'm trying to go between two "inboxes" on differing accounts, one local and the other an IMAP account. Using the right and left toggle buttons moves between folders (inbox, filed, sent, etc.) but not between accounts without many presses of the left or right button. With VersaMail the "mail" buttons will "jump" you between actual accounts not subfolders within an account. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any suggestions.

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