People have reported dismally slow sync and file-transfer times over bluetooth.

I just made an unpleasant discovery that may offer a clue.

My office uses a voip phone system that allows me to run softphone software on my laptop so that my laptops audio hardware can be used as a telephone on our system. The software can use any audio hardware available on the pc.

So I have been getting into the world of bluetooth since getting my 650 and so I have a nice new bluetooth optical mini-mouse to take the place of my previous non-bluetooth wireless minimouse and a new bt 1.2 class-2 dongle and have been using it for a while with the mouse and to sync the treo.

So I finally got my jabra 250 configured as an audio device in windows and configured the voip software to use it. It works great. Slick.

Except whenever the headset is connected, the mouse becomes veeerrrryyyy slooowwww. The pointer lags a second or two behind real-time.

723kb should be more than enough bandwidth to do both jobs at once but apparently one or more devices must be less than terrifically efficient.

The dongle claims to support scatternet, but maybe the headset and mouse are both 1.1 and so clobber each others radio packets?

moral?: if you have really slow bt sync, maybe see if turning off your headset and any other bt devices besides your pc & the treo makes a difference?