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    I am buying a side pouch and notice so many talk about the covertec one. What makes it so much better than Palms?

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    Covertec looks like it was made by Coach. It has a very nice magnetic clasp. The belt clip is nicely constructed and works well. But when in the case, the top corners of the Treo are exposed. Gotta be careful!

    The PalmOne horizontal is also well constructed. It uses a snap rather than the magnetic clasp. The top corners of the case covert the Treo better than the Covertec. Also has hole in the case to use a wired headset while in the case. I've never used it (BT headset :-)). Belt clip on the PalmOne is identical to the Covertec.

    Treo goes into and comes out of each case equally well. I own both and really can't say I like one better than the other. Very happy with both.

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