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    How much memory should we reserve in order for the 650 device to operate properly? I have moved almost all of my applications to the SD card, but there must still be files that must remain on the device. I only am showing 7.7 M left.
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    I've noticed that I start to get into trouble with less than 4mb. For example, Bejeweled 2 won't run if you have too much less than that. Also, some programs extract to install after hot-syncing the .prc. I ran into an endless reboot that way I tried to install Pocket Cook with less than about 3mb on the T650.
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    Thanks. that gives me an idea. I may move a couple of more apps to the card and maybe use a smaller custom rom. However, right now, I have enough. I wonder if Palm is actually going to fix the problem of memory allocation? My guess is no.
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    use powerrun like I do and you can have over 19mb or RAM, I have several games, calculators, and avantgo plus many other apps on my card
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