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    I've checked most of the threads in this forum and havent seen anything about DNS error messages from Versamail. I know DNS is domain namer server and this problem must reflect Versamail failing to conect to PCS vision properly to get to the internet to poll the POP server for Gmail or my ISP.

    About 75% of the time, whether I manually connect to my Gmail or my ISP account Cox , the connection fails and I get the dreaded "connection failed check DNS settings" message. Sometimes VM will not cycle through the service connection process at all when I manually check email. Sometimes it connects then gives me the DNS error messgae. Autosync nearly ALWAYS fails. Sometimes it works. Usually when the VM connection doesnt work manually or by autosync, there is no Vision connection arrows present above the signal bars, hence no DNS can be located. But why is the vision connection failing? My settings must be right to work at all, right? I've checked and rechecked them. If I get connected, VM sends and receives fine.

    Second, sometimes when it fails I can get Versamail to work by launching Blazer to get a Vision connection, and then check Versamail. Sometimes this fails too.
    There seems to be no ryhme or reason and I am losing patience big time.
    Any thoughts? Crappy, buggy software? Using VM version 3.0.

    Treo 300-Treo 650
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    Sounds like some kind of server issue but I'm definitely not seeing any issue like you are seeing.
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    did you ever resolve this? i have exactly the same issues - bad connections, picking up one e-mail at a time and then disconnecting, getting bad PPP messages, 'check dns' messages, etc. all that crap.
    this after using the built in mail software on the 600 for months with very few problems.
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    Nope, and more problems now. I installed the universal bluetooth keyboard driver from Palmeone last night and now versamail crashes the phone every time I try to launch it. I am about to smash this piece of junk on the floor!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinkeedink
    I am about to smash this piece of junk on the floor!!!
    Noooooo! Don't smash it. Send it to me instead. lol

    Honestly I've heard more problems with Versamail users than anything else. My versamail works fine on several accounts.
    - I just set it to download the first 5kb of the messages.
    - Also set it to get only today's email. It has a tendency to re-download mail you've previouslydeleted on your handheld.
    - Finally I don't allow it to sync email with my laptop as the latter has about 2 GB of POP email stored.

    Tempermental little app. I'll try snapper, or quit downloading POP mail all together. Web based mail is easier and saves your T650 memory.
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    Since i also use gmail and Cox is my ISP and I have Versamail working, I will detail my settings and hope this helps.

    1. I am using email forwarding on my gmail account to my Cox email address
    2. Versamail settings are as follows w/name and password leave: default port alone (110) w/name and password: change port to 465
    check use Secure Connection(SSL)
    check authentication(ESMTP)

    With all of this done I receive and send with no problems, and since I'm sending on gmail the recepients will always reply to the correct address.

    The only thing that I cannot solve is Versmails' inability to Fetch, a real inconvience

    Hope this is of some help

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